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A great way to raise money for sports team, schools, community, or other type of organizations is through fund raising. It’s also a very sociable way to earn money for a good cause because it allows members of the group to meet the society, and sometimes for younger members it can be an advance lesson in marketing and sales.

A very profitable fundraising product right now is candles. Because of their popularity, they have become very easy to sell and fun too. Candle fund raising is much better than over-priced novelty items or food fun raising that have a tendency to generate low profits. Candle fund raising is quickly becoming an excellent option which is more attractive to the public over junk-food fund raisers.

Candle fund raising can also be very profitable because they come in various colors, size, and scents that creates a great earning potential to a much larger market. Sports teams or school bands can purchase candles in their school’s color and resell them. Other types of organizations, particularly religious congregations may sell holiday themed candles for those occasions of the year.

Those groups interested in doing candle fund raisings should find a candle manufacturer that gets involve with fund raisings and supply these types of products for that purpose. Comparison shopping is much advised to ensure the most profit. After a partner has been established, determining the ‘new’ price of the candle for sale should be determined, as well as the quantity of candles each participant or member needs to sell to achieve the goal.

Make all members aware of the expectations and encourage them to do their best selling skills. If the candle fund raising is using brochures to sell, make sure that sellers are supplied with everything they’ll need to meet the fund raising objective as organized and as easy as possible. Giving sellers enough order forms and making them aware of shipping and delivery time periods is important so that customers will know when to expect them.

Some of the candle manufacturers who are into supporting fund raising activities include,, Aromalight Candle Co., Southwest Candles, T Bar Candle Company, Abby Candles, Country Cat Candles, “Love That Smell” Candles LLC, Sweet Soy Scents, Lobue’s Candles, Candles of Eden, Four Seasons Scents, Forever Scents, Big Sky Country Candles, Ranch House Candles, Making Scents Candle Co., Laurel Mountain Candles, Portland Candle Connection, First Light Candle Company,, Devlyn Fine Candles, Candle cane Lane, and many more.

Candle fund raising is a brilliant idea for a fund raising campaign, following a few guidelines and setting a fair profitable pricing will take your find raising organization on its way to its fund raising goals.

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