Candy Bar Fund Raising

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A candy bar fund raising is one of the most excellent ways to raise money. For one, it’s very easy to sell, for another everyone loves candies. It’s often the favorite type of fund raising for schools, small groups, and other fund raising organizations. Depending on how well the candy bar fund raising is planned and presented to the public, it can be a very profitable way to meet the cause of the group or organization.

A candy fund raiser is as easy as one-two-three, a few steps and you’re on the go for a successful fund raising activity:

Select what candy or chocolate program best fits your group and your cause. There’s a wide array of choices for candies and chocolate flavors that the group’s supporters will be sure to enjoy, from caramels, milk chocolates, chocolate with almonds, fruity flavor candies, and many more. Selecting well loved brands of candies that are sure to be a big hit to the group’s supporters is also a plus point. There are also straight candy bar fund raising packages which include only one kind of candy bar, and others are variety packs that include assortment of various candy bars to please every person’s taste.

Once a certain candy pack has been chosen, let every member commit to at least one box of selling candy bars. The team should band together and encourage every person in the group to sell at least one box of candy bars so that the candy bar fund raising activity will be off to a great start.

Participants start to sell the candy bars. After everything has been organized, it’s time to sell the candy bars to families, work colleagues, friends, neighbors, and any one interested in supporting the group’s cause. The more candy the group sells, the more funds the group will have available to meet the cause. Always consider encouraging the members to become high achievers, giving incentives to high sellers of the group such as prizes or a pizza party will get them excited and motivated, as well as the candy bar fund raising a success.

Key things to remember for participants who will be selling the candy bars: write down as many potential donors as you can before starting to approach people for support. Beginning with friends and family, and then going on neighbors and other people who would possibly support the group’s cause is a good way of approaching strategy; know the detailed information about the cause so that it can in turn be communicated to potential supporters; politeness, smiling, and being enthusiastic about the cause will bring the same positive response from donors; and of course, always carry the fund raising product with you.

This fund raising idea is a great way for raising funds, so for your next fund raising activity, do it the “sweet” way, and do a candy bar fund raising strategy.


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