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Do you always enjoy fund raising activities and thought you’ve done a rewarding job every time you organize one? Well, you should be going to a fund raising school to get a formal knowledge and training of fund raising. That is, if you are either interested in pursuing a career in fund raising or want to gain more skills and understanding it. This is a great idea if you are happy with what you are doing. Maybe it is where your career is leading to.

The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University offers The Fund Raising School with courses that are designed as training for the working professionals. However, these courses do not carry academic credits. The Fund Raising School will help a lot of professionals every year all over the world achieve new level of success. While at the School, you will learn historical and philanthropic context, the current issues, and the art and science of fund raising and philanthropy. You will get the knowledge needed to put up your organization’s resources with confidence and success in an ever-changing society.

The Fund Raising School at The Center on Philanthropy is the only international fund raising education program located within a university. They combine advanced and progressive practices with scientific research in developing curriculum. This program is for nonprofit managers who:

must raise funds and oversee operations, as well board members and volunteers new development professionals who want an intensive foundation for success Experienced development professionals who want to perfect their skills.

The instructors at the Fund Raising School are experienced fund raising professionals chosen because of their proven track records teaching in their areas of expertise including organizational development, the annual fund, capital campaigns, planned giving, donor motivation, proposal writing, and many other aspects of fund raising. Additionally, over 85 % of the faculty in The Fund Raising School holds a Master’s Degree, Doctorate and/or Certified Fund Raising Executive credential. The faculty is trained in effective interactive teaching methods to accommodate different earning styles and is committed to the philosophies of the Fund Raising School. Now, isn’t that impressive? You can really say that you are in good hands with these accomplished instructors.

The School offers a thoughtful approach that will survive through the tests of time. Ethical fund raising is the outline for all that is being taught and is reflected in their reputation for excellence and commitment to:

Promote fund raising as a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional process

Promote acceptance of fund raising as a management function

Provide the tools to support day-to-day fund raising tasks

Replace apology for fund raising with pride in philanthropy.

For more information and questions about The Fund Raising School program of the Indiana University, you may visit at

Fund Raising Programs

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Undeniably, the information superhighway has been a very powerful medium to spread the word from coast to coast. It has added much convenience especially to those that are just so busy with their work to the extent that they no longer have time for recreation. When they shop, they can simply visit the website of their favorite designer clothes and order. In less than a week, it will be delivered right in their doorstep. When they are hungry, they can easily log on to their fancy food chain homepage and get a meal. In just a short while, they will have a sumptuous repast. It is also similar with fund raising programs that have been virtually mushrooming.

In the recently concluded Volunteerism Super Conference, it was tackled that there are now plenty of fund raising programs in the internet. Carrie Suhr mentioned that charitable institutions who partner with huge companies can establish great exposure with their online presence. It is because there are more than a million who are exposed with the use of computer, in such manner, it can be directly accessed in whichever region in the globe he or she belongs. There can also be a lot of potential donors who can forward their contributions without much hassle.

Fund raising programs who have their own websites should carefully consider the server security, donor information, fee structure, contact length, vendor restrictions, registered solicitor, reporting type, sent receipts and returned goods, among the many others. At W.K. Kellog Foundation, they have a port available without any cost. It is a 63- page report about philanthropy, social change and volunteerism. If there is not enough money to create a homepage, there is always an alternative. You can send electronic mails to your contacts that will create awareness.

In utilizing such for fund raising programs, it is wise to build your own database of addresses. This is to allow proper organization within your inbox. You can sort it out in categories like who are those most likely to give although, fact of the matter is, there is nothing wrong when you forward it to everyone in your list as you are opening an avenue for them to receive more in return, that if they favorably respond. However, there are also cases that it is not applicable to everyone. Case to case basis, as they would say.

When sending out letters, do not beat around the bush. Get straight to the point because even before they reach the body, they will immediately delete it since it is so long. You cannot blame for that because staring at the monitor for quite a while can strain the eye. Make it as briefly as possible. Do not think about impressing them with the words you use because what matters most is the content.

Hire the Right Fund Raising Professional

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Is your non profit organization planning to hold a fund raising event? If so, then you might need an expert fund raising professional. A fund raising professional, who knows the ins and outs of fund raising, is qualified to help you achieve the success of your programs or campaigns. There are many fund raising firms that can provide you the service of a professional to conduct campaigns, but of course, for a fee. Usually they get a percentage of the money they’ve collected from the campaigns.

Since the fund raising professional will be the one representing your organization to prospective donors, it is worth studying the firm from which fund raising professional is currently connected with. Badly chosen professionals may ruin your organization’s reputation or can result to lesser donations and possible legal action that involve you and the firm in the case of legal violations. So, be very careful!

Choosing the right candidate from many fund raising professionals may not be that easy. But it’s worth the effort, isn’t it? Perform a little research to make sure you are working with a reputable fundraiser or fund raising firm. You can either contact other non profit groups or local community fund in your area for information or referrals. This way you can avoid the risk of ending up with a bad choice. Once you have a list of potential fund raising firms, you can begin background checking on each of them. And after that, you can start scheduling interviews asking information on the mechanics of their campaigns.

You may ask some of the questions below to help you with the back ground checking as it affects your decision to choose the right candidate for the job:

Would they solicit by phone, mail, door-to-door or a combination of approaches?

Would they solicit money only or would they sell products or tickets to fund raising events.

What portion of the donation will come to your organization and what portion will go to the fund raising professional? Beware of the companies that promise something for nothing or easy for your organization.

Would there be any subcontractors involve to any part of the campaign.

How would the fund raising professional guarantee its telephone solicitors follow approved scripts?

With your interview, make it clear that though the fund raiser conducts the campaign, you’re still the one who maintains overall control and that expect the company to provide periodic reports. In the same way, always remember that even if you hired a fund raising professional to conduct a campaign, you’re the one responsible for the actions taken on your behalf. For that reason, make sure to have a regular contact with the firm throughout the campaign.

Fund Raising Organizations

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Among the many fund raising organizations in the United States, the BBB Wise Giving Alliance was conceived in order to help contributors make a sound decision as they provide background information about the group. This is also to ensure safety that the resources placed will reach its proper destination since there are lots of monkey business tricks nowadays. Its standards encourage balanced and authentic solicitation method that endorses good conduct and heighten the maintenance of philanthropy.

There are a lot of fund raising organizations that does not separate their standards with the National Charities Information Bureau and the Council of Better Business Bureaus Foundation. However, not for BBB Wise Giving Alliance where they have developed their own with professional help as well with the technical aspect, from a lot of institutions. They also commissioned their own autonomous research on what the donors will be expecting to guarantee security when they invest a certain amount in order for it to be beneficial.

As compared to other fund raising organizations, BBB Wise Giving Alliance has been generously backed up by Sony Corporation of America, Surdna Foundation and Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. They have been helping underwrite the latest updates so they can also forward it to their future clients who will be inspired to assist such and such. In order to recognize that they have been complying with certain regulations, the fundamentals have been looked into such as how they govern the group, manner of spending their account, genuine presentations of charts and willingness to reveal to the public.

Such aforementioned will already comply from being tax exempted under the section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code. This is also true to other fund raising organizations who have been receiving pecuniary support every now and then. In short, there should be transparency of documents although, some are not applied to private foundations as they do not ask from the common people.

BBB Wise Giving Alliance sees to it that the data they give is confidential. Meaning, it is only between them and the person who asks for it. It is not permitted to be shared by another as this can endanger the group. However, it can never be avoided that it will go from one mouth to another so they have prepared a written agreement indicating the ethical observations that need to be carefully considered. As voluntary principles, it also goes beyond the requirements of the laws in local, state and federal.

At the same time, they also encourage the adopt management routines such as initiating a policy that will propagate pluralism and diversity among the whole union, be it with the board, staff and constituents. There should also be an establishment of guidelines that will include a mission statement gearing towards the fulfillment of its vision.

Fund Raising Letter

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For hours, you have been in front of your computer screen. Clicking on the backspace button as you have been deleting a lot of words in the fund raising letter you are trying to compose. You type “Good day” but you erase it again because it should be “Greetings of love and peace” and you crush it out again because you think there is something more appropriate. “Will you ever finish this tonight?” you annoyingly tell yourself. “This has to be done since the target date for distribution starts tomorrow,” the fact just made you feel worst than ever.

Winston Churchill once said that “we make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give.” The fund raising letter should have that focus and not into other else since anything beyond the real essence of generosity will defeat its purpose. Before you get to hyped up in completing that single line, stop first and breeze through these easy steps critical in really convincing whom you will be sending it to.

First thing to do in writing that fund raising letter is to get inspired. Nothing beats it when you are in the mood to just let the pen dance on the paper. However, sentiments should not be the basis because whether you like it or not, it will not be the same at all times. You can read an article about Patty Bennet who joined other individuals who walked 50 miles in order to make a difference in the struggle against multiple sclerosis. As you are done, for sure, the literary you will just naturally flow although, you need not impress them with your style because what matters is the content.

Second for your fund raising letter is to identify who is your addressee, either you will be sending it by electronically or manually. If you prefer the internet, go through your contacts and scrutinize it first before you instantly send them. Consider his or her situation first however, the fact really is that it is an opportunity for them to receive more as they will be participating for the cause. On another note, it will also be wise if you bring around the printed copies so that when you cross paths with a past acquaintance, you can share it to him or her. It is just about not letting any chance slip by. As you have forwarded those, you can also send a notice of follow- up. You can never tell what they are into at that particular moment that they will forget about the other commitments they have.

Third is to reply a thank you card. Make it beautiful so it will really show how grateful you are that they were able to respond favorably.

Fund Raising Ideas

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Fund raising is all about soliciting and gathering money by requesting donations from businesses, individuals, or governmental agencies with the main aim of putting up an amount for the group’s cause. It may be a simple cause such as raising funds for Boy Scout tents or a bigger cause like helping natural calamity victims. Whatever the cause, every fund raising event needs an excellent fund raising idea, simply asking money wont’ work these days.

Fund raising ideas are sometimes a big challenge for fund raising groups, sometimes fund raising ideas become very expensive and less profitable for the cause, others are much too common that nobody is interested to support it, and a few tend to overdo it. Let’s face it, some of the best fund raising ideas can most often be unaffordable and ideas that are affordable are most of the time not that great or involve lots of complicated process.

But did you know that some of the most successful fund raising ideas in this high-tech world of ours are done online? Here are five online fund raising ideas that are top of the list when it comes to the word “success”:

Online Magazine Fundraiser has become a number one top fundraiser idea, simply because it’s both a “no brainier” and easily set up. Groups will even get their own braded free site and all they have to do is fill out the organization’s information and send out emails to the group’s supporters. Everybody buys a magazine that is why this fundraiser works. Online Magazine Fundraising Program will give the group the freedom to run and manage a fundraising campaign completely online with totally no fees. More profits with less effort. With the group’s integrated magazine store, families and friends from coast to coast can support the group by ordering or renewing magazine subscriptions with savings of up to eighty-five percent off from newsstand prices. The program is definitely profitable with $0.40 of every subscription dollar going to the group.

Inkjet Fundraiser is a fund raising idea with huge profit potential because there are to ways to fundraise with inkjets, one is to sell them and the other is to recycle the cartridges. What is so great about these Inkjet cartridges is that it’s a thing most people use all the time.

Insurance is a good fund raising idea if the group has the ability to sell great insurance to its members, this can be very profitable as well. A great insurance company, PLH Insurance, donates 1% of the premium of the insurer to the nonprofit of their choice. There prime insure is California so writing them of what they can offer would be best for those on a different state.

Direct Donations is a fund raising idea that can be set up instantly on the group’s site and build an extra incentive for the group’s supporters to donate, this works very well. Traditional Fundraising such as chocolates, scratch cards, gift brochures, and magazines are good fund raising ideas if the group does not have a site. Groups can learn more about these cool conventional fund raising ideas on

Fund Raising for Schools

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Events of fund raising for schools have been done for so many years. It is one of the effective ways to generate funds for schools that have certain projects or other equipment needed to several school clubs and organizations. What’s good about the programs is that students, teachers, and parents alike participate in any activity that fund raising has come up with. Fund raising for schools become a fun-filled activity for all to enjoy and to partake in.

There are many programs for you to choose from to organize an event when it comes to planning fund raising for schools. And if you need new brilliant ideas, you have a wide selection of fund raising programs where in you can make use of, with which can attract more attention than ever before. Where can you find such ideas? To begin with, you can start digging up over the internet where in you are guaranteed to find amazing programs and activities that will surely turn out to be a successful one. Besides, which better place for anyone to find any information conveniently than the internet?

Here are some of the most popular programs of fund raising for schools, which are simple and easy to carry out. These fund raising programs are also used in fund raising drives and campaigns by school clubs and organizations when looking for funds for their uniforms, useful tools, equipment, or other projects. Take a look at the following fund raising for schools programs and see if you can find any that you can plan on.

Magazine Fund Raising Program – It is a cost-free way to earn more funds with less effort. Also, it is a risk-free program that requires no door-to-door selling and no inventory to worry about and most especially, you can use this program anytime of the year and can be easily combine with other programs.

Popcorn Fund Raiser – This could be the perfect and healthy way to raise funds for your group. Make snacking more interesting with popcorn in fun-themed bags that adults and children alike will enjoy.

Plus you can choose a variety of fun themes to customize the popcorn bags, such as soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and football.

Fund Raising Auction – This could be one of the ideal ways to organize fund raising for schools sports team, whether it is cheerleading squad, soccer, football, or basketball team, and meet the fund raising goals your group has established.

Candy and Chocolate Fund Raising – If you are to name one fund raising for schools program that has proven to have a successful outcome, this could be it! You got to admit, chocolate and candies are the longtime favorites of both children and adults alike.

Scratch Card Fund Raisers – This program has quickly becoming sought after program of fund raising for schools and non profit organizations. It is an easy fund raising program everyone will surely love.

Fund Raising for Non-Profit Groups

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Selling yummy munchies have been one of the most favorite fund raising for non- profit groups because aside from the fact it can be easily accommodated in the stomach, it can cultivate friendship among the group as you spend time making it. It can be terrific for generating money as it only requires a little amount of capital. There are also times that the more you can save on your expenses because the ingredients can just be found right in your kitchen, so there is no need for anymore grocery.

Also known as community social events, this is such an interesting kind of fund raising for non- profit groups. It can be that all the elements needed in a recipe can just be mixed right in the venue itself. You can just imagine the pleasure it brings when all the volunteers will be helping out one another to pursue a common goal. It is also very essential that each has been briefed with the overall agenda so everybody will be moving towards a single direction.

In fund raising for non- profit groups, it is also a must that there a leader will be selected. It should be somebody who has excellent organizational skills. When speaking of such, it means that the person gives room for mistakes to happen and from there, he or she will move on. It becomes dangerous when he or she is to restricted to the point there is a search for perfection, when in fact, there is no such thing. The appointed individual should also have the strong influence in delegating tasks since he or she is there to oversee and not only to shoulder all that has to be accomplished.

Volunteers in fund raising for non- profit groups are very much essential in this category of affairs. They are very much critical in determining the success since they are the hands and feet in the holistic aspect. They will be the very persons who will be part of committees that will handle the promotions, design, cleanliness and treasury, among the many others.

In the otherhand, for any donations that will be asked, make sure that it will be specific. If you will take it generally, there will be a probability that you will all end up in selling “moist chocolate cakes” instead of having a variety such as “cofee caramel tarts”, “blackberry muffins”, “banana carrot pies” or “coco macaroons.” Before the letters will be distributed to potential contributors, make sure that it has been checked by the leader. Remember that any matter has to be brought up to his attention so it can be properly addressed. That is where the duty of the members will fall. Another is also the issue on accountability where he or she is expected to respond.

Fund Raising for Mission Trip

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Why does some church conduct fund raising for mission trip? Obviously, it is because there are no enough funds to sponsor all the new missionaries to be sent to a mission trip. Actually, there are some missionaries who are fortunate enough to get the full support of their congregation to pay for all the expenses of the mission trip. Although, there are also some that are not as fortunate. But, it’s not the end of the world for those less fortunate young missionaries for this is where fund raising for mission trip comes in.

Most missionaries would resort to go for fund raising to generate funds for their mission trip. Fortunately though, those who are lead to the mission field seem to be very determined to complete their mission. You can say that the fund raising for mission trip is worth it, right? Like any other fund raising ideas, the hardest part to is choosing the best items to sell. Even if you will be given numerous ideas for fund raisers, choosing the right products to sell can affect your goal in raising money. Therefore, careful selection and planning have to go hand in hand.

Choosing for the items to sell is done within the planning stage. It is also where you build your fund raising team. But, you shouldn’t worry about asking anyone to volunteer or be part of the fund raising committee as those who are going to the mission trip are likely the ones eager to help support the event. Now, have you ever thought what items to sell on your planned fund raising for mission trip event? If you don’t know where to begin, here are some fund raising items for you to choose from:

Candles Book fair

Scratch cards

Cookie dough


Candy and Chocolate

Aside from item selection to be sold on your fund raising for mission trip activity, it is also important to note that there are still other fund raising items that might work in your area not included on the list. So, keep your options open. No one can tell you to sell this or that. It is you who know your community, therefore you have to use what you knew, then make the most out of it. Just trust your instincts.

Since missionaries have to go door-to-door to other people’s house to do their mission, it would be a great idea to have a fund raising for mission trip that will let them sell door-to-door, as well. This will serve as their practice and will absolutely help them fell comfortable in doing so. If they can’t do it to the people they somehow knew, knowing the fact they live on the same community, how much more if they will be sent out in a mission to other places – the harder it can get. Additionally, this would also give young missionaries the time to reevaluate themselves; if they can do door-to-door selling, they’d be comfortable carrying out their mission to spread the good news.

Ways to Organize a Successful Fund Raising Event

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Are you planning to have a fund raising event that’s going to be a huge success without getting bored? If you are, then you should know everything it takes to accomplish your ideas. The most important step that you must take is to create an awareness and excitement for your fund raising event. For example, if you could attract a bigger crowd of people for your fundraiser, the greater your chance for generating bigger amount of money that will be raised for your group. Now, isn’t that what all fundraising groups ever wanted?

Unless you are an expert in organizing fund raising events, you wouldn’t need some helpful tips to keep your program running smoothly, would you? But still, you can’t risk the whole point of fund raising by organizing fund raisers with only little knowledge about what you are getting yourself into. Even the most successful fund raisers can still make use of fundraising helpful tips. I won’t hurt you, if you follow some simple, but doable tips to make your project as successful as you want it to be.

Press releases are one great idea on letting the whole community of your fund raising event, not to mention that it will benefit your group image. Launch your first press release with the information that you are going to have a fund raising event, the reason why you are having one, and make sure to include where is the money is going to be used for. Also, you can have newsletters distributed online free of charge on many websites. Make the most of online methods to help spread the information about your upcoming fundraising event. Who knows, someone might get interested and will generously sponsor and support your fund raising project.

Have the members of the team to distribute flyers at small businesses or public areas such as supermarkets, schools, healthcare centers for announcement purposes. It may also help if you add names of the small businesses to your flyers so that they also get some attention for sponsoring and participating in your fund raising event.

One of the most important things that you shouldn’t forget is to send out a press release, once again, after your fund raising event has finished thanking those who have participated. In addition, let the people know what you did with the proceeds or where it went and present a brief detail of the result and success of the fund raising event. This way, you will arouse attention and interest to people who might consider working with you for another fund raising event.

Organizing fund raising events for a good cause touches anyone’s heart. With all your effort, time, and energy given voluntarily make a difference in activities like fund raising. When things turned out successfully, everything you have worked for is worth it!

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