Fund Raising

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Known as the manner of soliciting an amount of cash needed to generate for a certain activity, fund raising are requests of donations that will come from business agencies, private individuals, charitable foundations and government agencies. It may be at times that it is referred to as the accumulation of pecuniary support for non- profit organizations. Actually, not at all, since it is also for a source of capital for those enterprises that are earning. This then, is the primary way yet formal approach in asking for money.

Fund raising can involve various concerns, be it academic institutions who will be creating a website so it will be easy for them to get in touch with their graduates or religious communities who will be building an edifice as their headquarters where they can hold regular meetings. Special events are another case such as staging luncheons to walkathons. It is where a lot of people are involved to also establish awareness that such and such exists. It is not only for the purpose to acquire a sum but to also bring together those that are not immediately involved in the hope that they will also be with the cause in time.

However, it can never be avoided that fund raising has been utilized for hidden agenda. They have tainted the reputation of what the real sense means. Due to the monkey business tricks that have been reported every now and then, there are a lot who desire to help out but are already thinking twice. It is because they doubt the credibility and integrity it has. They are not sure of where they have invested will go and it may end up just right inside the pockets of those who are not having it as a necessity. Sad situation but a lot has already fallen prey to it.

Because of such instances, the likes of BBB Wise Giving Alliance have been formed. It is a fun raising company that will help contributors make a sound decision as they provide background information about the group. This is also to ensure safety that the resources placed will reach its proper destination since there are lots of monkey business tricks nowadays. Its standards encourage balanced and authentic solicitation method that endorses good conduct and heighten the maintenance of philanthropy.

There are a lot of fund raising organizations that does not separate their standards with the National Charities Information Bureau and the Council of Better Business Bureaus Foundation. However, not for BBB Wise Giving Alliance where they have developed their own with professional help as well with the technical aspect, from a lot of institutions. They also commissioned their own autonomous research on what the donors will be expecting to guarantee security when they invest a certain amount in order for it to be beneficial.

Fund Raising Strategy

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In every fund raising event that you plan to organize, there should always be a strategy, a strategy that is appropriate and will surely work out with your fund raising event. But, how can you determine what is the one for you? Actually, fund raising strategy can have a lot of different types and ways to carry out. However, choosing for the right and best fund raising strategy can be complicated as there are several of them that seems all to work out.

Your fund raising strategy must have a good plan. Make it a point to have your volunteers understand what is expected of them whatever strategy you utilize. And ensure that each one of them is equipped with information about the fund raising event so that the team will have a unified concept of the whole activity and confusions will be avoided. You have to remember that the success of any organized activity has something to do with teamwork as well. So, can you expect success if your team doesn’t have the same understanding of what’s going on? It is guaranteed that any event that you might come up with will go smoothly if you take advantage of a good fund raising strategy.

Some fund raising strategies may include using grants offered by the government, and for some reason, people don’t even realize that these things happen in getting funds for organizations. If you have the fund raising information you need, which can be obtained in any library, you can find out what grants are available. However, you have to write in and request an application. This type of fund raising strategy can be time consuming, but it’ll be worth it as it may prove to be profitable in the end. Occasionally, there are ongoing grants available, therefore make it a point that you get all the fund raising information and start filling out forms.

Also, fully utilize what online services have to offer like emailing fund raising campaigns. Don’t get discouraged by the thoughts that there are people who delete their email even before reading them. Just keep sending emails as many as you possibly can, hoping for a chance that somehow someone will pay attention to them.

Other types of fund raising strategy such as lotteries and raffles that you might want to consider if you don’t want to apply the strategy of using grants offered by government. You may not know it, but ticket sales and games of chance are very popular and will always be popular to people. Although with these types of strategies, it is a must that you have a suitable prize to generate large amount of money. For example, if the prize is worth every penny spent, it’s not a surprise if you make good sales. Whatever strategy you will use for your fund raising program, if combined with good planning everything works out fine.

Fund Raising Items

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Fund raising is not only a source of financial aid to generate funds for certain projects, but also a time when people work together towards one goal, from which can also mean an effective way to socialize, as well as have fun while doing it. One of the activities in school that successfully being supported by both students and teachers, fund raising is absolutely one way to keep an organization, club, or group in schools to survive itself even with only less or without the support of the school.

However, fund raising is not only for school. In fact, there are many groups that engage on fund raising activities for a greater cause, namely charity fund raising. When it comes to planning of holding an event to raise money, you have to always remember that to be able to get the amount you need, better yet more than you need, your fund raising items should sellable and usable. That is if you choose to sell, though.

Although, you have plenty of ideas for fund raising items, you can’t just pick and select anything you wanted. Again, it takes careful planning if you want to reach your goal. Selecting what fund raising items to include on your fund raising activity depends on how much is the amount you aim for. For example, if you need only a few hundreds, probably to purchase new equipment for your club, fund raising items such as coffee mugs, custom printed pens and pencils, caps, and many more that are very affordable are perfect to raise the amount you need.

But, if you need a bigger amount such as for your church’s plans to its congregation, books, coffee, magazines, CDs and more are ideal fund raising items you can utilize to obtain the funding you are looking for. But then again, all the fund raising items have to depend on the kind of fund raising events you are conducting. However, you can combine different fund raising items to create a wide variety of products to sell. This idea will allow buyers to have many selections and may end up buying more than they’ve planned to, especially if the products you sell are useful.

Here are additional fund raising items that you can combine with other products you may have chosen already:

Candies and chocolates

Gift wrap


Embroidered shirts

Buttons and badges


Key chains or tags

Stress balls

Different sports balls

Always remember that fund raising, whatever your causes can be, if you have the will and determination to carry out the whole plan, add it up with several helping hands and great fund raising items, everything will go smoothly resulting to a huge success.

Fund Raising for Schools

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As compared to before, especially in the time of the Greek civilization where they were able to produce an ancestry of genius individuals, education was highly regarded. In fact, their trainings were very rigid but needless to speak, all their efforts paid off since what has been taught at these contemporary times were founded by them. Now, sad it may be, budgets for academic purposes have become lean. Due to the rising social problems, the government has shifted its focus and placed in a bigger percentage like for example, in security especially that terrorism has been a major threat. With such that is taking place, those directly concerned thought of having a fund raising for schools.

Actually, fund raising for schools is not anymore new in the picture as a lot have been doing it even when the situation was still tolerable. There are the likes of washing cars, collecting magazines, selling chocolates, caretaking babies and tutoring children, are just among the others. They even stage big productions in order to generate money. Like when they prepare a musical portrayal on The Sound of Music where tickets are sold at a price and students themselves are required to watch. Others do not feel the need but they are somehow forced since a written project will be passed, not to mention that it is about a five- page critique.

As for the case of fund raising for school in huge universities, there is that trend where they keep in touch with their graduates. The purpose is not only to ask their whereabouts but to knock in their kind hearts to give for a cause. In the United States, the average number of public institutions does not have any contact with their graduates. Which brings to the convenience of the information superhighway where almost everybody can be easily accessed online no matter what part of the globe the individual belongs. When you have more than a bunch of past acquaintances on the list, then it shows that you will have a promising head start. Talk about the power of innovative technology.

To get going with the fund raising for schools, here are guide questions to be followed.

What kind of money- generating activity do you want to try?

How will you go on with your assignments?

Will it be done in the winter, spring, summer or fall?

Who is the parent community who is tasked to rally round in all aspects?

Do they contend in paying a substantial amount for products that they do not want?

Where will be the venues since the usual place is so dusty already and it really requires a lot of renovations?

Face Tattoos Fund Raising

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Fund raising activities are often the solution of certain groups or organizations whether small or big, to raise funds for their causes. Fund raising is not an easy task, let alone simple. It needs great planning and excellent fund raising ideas to have people supporting their mission and for them achieving their goals.

Common types of fund raising events are selling food items, candy bars, tickets, baked goodies, and many more. These fund raising activities needs a lot of effort from members of the group or organization, but they can be fun and enjoyable as well. One type of fund raising which are fun and commonly done by small groups or school organizations for much simpler causes is face tattoos fund raising.

Face tattoos fund raising is a rather enjoyable type of fund raising activity and cost much less, however the help of talented artists in the group or organization is needed. Many face tattoos fund raising events may take only a couple of hours long, so fund raiser organizers need to raise the maximum amount possible in that amount of time while giving good value and guaranteeing everybody a great time.

For those groups looking at having face tattoos fund raising, here are five top tips for face painting in a fund raising event:

Always be in control. A face tattoo fund raising event can be hectic but always stay in control when serving one of your “customers”, especially kids. Try to relax them and don’t let them be disturbed, they are not use to having the make up on but they would love the attention, even the biggest fiddle can keep still for this.

Have books or posters ready for kids to choose, adults would not be that much of a problem but kids may tend to be a little impatient so having them indulged in something rather than what you’re doing will greatly help.

Never do it alone, having someone help with sorting out fresh water, managing the money and doing some other tasks relevant is needed as the face painting artist will be very busy.

Get the price right, depending on the face tattoo fund raising events goal or missions, but don’t let the skills be too cheap or endless queue without making money will be the result. Establishing an estimate of how many face tattoos can be done in an hour will be a good starting point to price.

The best advertisement during the face tattoos fund raising event is the face tattoo itself. Painting a great face tattoo to one of the members or one of the guests at the beginning of the event will encourage others to try it as well, and before you know it your face tattoos fund raising event is very successful.

Face tattoos fund raising is a unique, fun, and profitable fund raising idea which should be considered on your next fund raising activity.

Elementary School Fund Raising

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Right before conducting any kind of activity in order to generate money, there should be a clear understanding of what you hope to accomplish. The clearer that the goals are laid on the table, the foundation will become stronger. This is especially important when it involves elementary school fund raising. It is for the reason that it engages the juvenile where they have this tendency to just play around the whole time. However, as a teacher, it is your responsibility to let them understand the cause. You cannot expect them to absorb its entirety but the fact that you have already introduced it to them, it will somehow be drilled in their minds.

In elementary school fund raising, it is but important to carefully look into a lot of considerations. One is to set objectives so that everyone will be rowing in the same direction. Yes, you may be inside in a single boat but others are heading to the west when your real destination is toward the east. You can never attain complete accomplishment in that sense. Next is to have access to potential contributors especially the parents of the kids. It would be a good thing if you will be calling for a meeting so you can also tackle to them the purpose. It would make a whole lot of difference when an adult will be the one who will say rather than the child.

Elementary school fund raising should go hand in hand with the vision and mission of the whole institution. If it is grounded on Catholic doctrines then the aspect of morality should not be questioned. Another is to highly regard the budget especially if you start without a capital. Be very willing to shell out from your pocket because you cannot expect others to be generous if you yourself are not. For sure there will be plenty of expenses so as much as possible, try to be thrifty. When you will be going for a bake sale, find the most cheapest ingredients. You can even make it as an assignment for your students to bring a box of flour or pack of sugar so the more you can save.

In the National Charter School Conference, the president of Hillsborough Education Foundation, Terry Boehm cited points on elementary school fund raising. He said that the focus should be around alternative solutions and not into emphasizing the pressing problems. It is done by touching on where it will go or who can benefit from it. Like for example, the revenues from the bake sale will be for the purchase of the latest model of computers in the laboratory that will be used by all the graders. It would be a relief to know the flow of an investment rather than just leaving it hanging in the minds of donors.

Candy Fund Raising

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In choosing for a particular fund raising activity, what are the things you have to consider? Some may go for usual things such as candy fund raising. But as common as candy fund raising, this type of fund raising activity never seize to “hit it off” to all age groups, from children to old folks alike. This is all because of the countless varieties of candies that are available in the market today. Also, these candies offer diverse flavors to suit all tastes and preferences.

Knowing the fact that many people actually buy and eat candies, based on this information, candy fund raising becomes a popular fund raising activity. For the past many years, many groups love the idea of candy fund raising and it continues to exist up to now. If you choose to organize this type of fund raisers, there is one thing that you should consider and this is the source of candy. It is important to know that the source of your candy and the candy itself can make or break the success of your planned activity.

When you are in the process of finding out where to get the candy to sell, remember that there can plenty of sources in which you can choose from. You can either contact directly the manufacturers or wholesalers or retail stores, or do your inquiries online. However you wish to make your choices, know that it is convenient to do it online. Why? It is due to the fact that, aside from being able to order your items for the comfort of your home, you can also take advantage of comparing deals from different suppliers without having to go to each one of them. Therefore, you have wisely saved time, effort, energy, and gas.

To same more time in doing your inquiries, might as well plan ahead and narrow your research on specific candies that you want to sell. By doing this, you only have to go the websites that only sell the item you wanted. To give you an idea, chocolate bars are one of the most favorite items you can vend for your fund raising activity. And besides, it is more preferred over other candies, so have plenty of stocks of chocolate bars.

Most candy companies often require a minimum order, if you want to avail discounts. However, you can still get some of the best deals from these online companies knowing the close competition of these companies. So, once you agreed on the price and quantity, the next thing you need to do is work out on a payment method and wait for the candies to arrive and you’re ready to go. Always keep you hopes high for this candy fund raising that you put up will succeed as it always have.

Candy Bar Fund Raising

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A candy bar fund raising is one of the most excellent ways to raise money. For one, it’s very easy to sell, for another everyone loves candies. It’s often the favorite type of fund raising for schools, small groups, and other fund raising organizations. Depending on how well the candy bar fund raising is planned and presented to the public, it can be a very profitable way to meet the cause of the group or organization.

A candy fund raiser is as easy as one-two-three, a few steps and you’re on the go for a successful fund raising activity:

Select what candy or chocolate program best fits your group and your cause. There’s a wide array of choices for candies and chocolate flavors that the group’s supporters will be sure to enjoy, from caramels, milk chocolates, chocolate with almonds, fruity flavor candies, and many more. Selecting well loved brands of candies that are sure to be a big hit to the group’s supporters is also a plus point. There are also straight candy bar fund raising packages which include only one kind of candy bar, and others are variety packs that include assortment of various candy bars to please every person’s taste.

Once a certain candy pack has been chosen, let every member commit to at least one box of selling candy bars. The team should band together and encourage every person in the group to sell at least one box of candy bars so that the candy bar fund raising activity will be off to a great start.

Participants start to sell the candy bars. After everything has been organized, it’s time to sell the candy bars to families, work colleagues, friends, neighbors, and any one interested in supporting the group’s cause. The more candy the group sells, the more funds the group will have available to meet the cause. Always consider encouraging the members to become high achievers, giving incentives to high sellers of the group such as prizes or a pizza party will get them excited and motivated, as well as the candy bar fund raising a success.

Key things to remember for participants who will be selling the candy bars: write down as many potential donors as you can before starting to approach people for support. Beginning with friends and family, and then going on neighbors and other people who would possibly support the group’s cause is a good way of approaching strategy; know the detailed information about the cause so that it can in turn be communicated to potential supporters; politeness, smiling, and being enthusiastic about the cause will bring the same positive response from donors; and of course, always carry the fund raising product with you.

This fund raising idea is a great way for raising funds, so for your next fund raising activity, do it the “sweet” way, and do a candy bar fund raising strategy.

Candle Fund Raising

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A great way to raise money for sports team, schools, community, or other type of organizations is through fund raising. It’s also a very sociable way to earn money for a good cause because it allows members of the group to meet the society, and sometimes for younger members it can be an advance lesson in marketing and sales.

A very profitable fundraising product right now is candles. Because of their popularity, they have become very easy to sell and fun too. Candle fund raising is much better than over-priced novelty items or food fun raising that have a tendency to generate low profits. Candle fund raising is quickly becoming an excellent option which is more attractive to the public over junk-food fund raisers.

Candle fund raising can also be very profitable because they come in various colors, size, and scents that creates a great earning potential to a much larger market. Sports teams or school bands can purchase candles in their school’s color and resell them. Other types of organizations, particularly religious congregations may sell holiday themed candles for those occasions of the year.

Those groups interested in doing candle fund raisings should find a candle manufacturer that gets involve with fund raisings and supply these types of products for that purpose. Comparison shopping is much advised to ensure the most profit. After a partner has been established, determining the ‘new’ price of the candle for sale should be determined, as well as the quantity of candles each participant or member needs to sell to achieve the goal.

Make all members aware of the expectations and encourage them to do their best selling skills. If the candle fund raising is using brochures to sell, make sure that sellers are supplied with everything they’ll need to meet the fund raising objective as organized and as easy as possible. Giving sellers enough order forms and making them aware of shipping and delivery time periods is important so that customers will know when to expect them.

Some of the candle manufacturers who are into supporting fund raising activities include,, Aromalight Candle Co., Southwest Candles, T Bar Candle Company, Abby Candles, Country Cat Candles, “Love That Smell” Candles LLC, Sweet Soy Scents, Lobue’s Candles, Candles of Eden, Four Seasons Scents, Forever Scents, Big Sky Country Candles, Ranch House Candles, Making Scents Candle Co., Laurel Mountain Candles, Portland Candle Connection, First Light Candle Company,, Devlyn Fine Candles, Candle cane Lane, and many more.

Candle fund raising is a brilliant idea for a fund raising campaign, following a few guidelines and setting a fair profitable pricing will take your find raising organization on its way to its fund raising goals.

Adoption Fund Raising

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Adoption fund raising is becoming more and more popular throughout the United States. Many couples choose adoption as their path to parenthood but the expenses can sometimes be very scary, as the cost of adoption can vary drastically from international adoptions and domestic private adoptions which can cost as much as $30, 000.

In nearly all domestic adoptions, most of the money goes to agencies that search for the birth mothers of the child, and lawyers who handle all the paperwork. International adoption fees go to the country of where the family is adopting from, the organization caring for the child and the US agency assisting the adoption. Country fees differ widely such as $1,500 in Hong Kong, $19,000 in Guatemala, and $10,000 in South Korea. This is mainly the reason why ‘want-to-be’ parents turn to adoption fund raising.

Adoption fund raising allows the realization of a dream for couples wanting to adopt. It gives them the way to welcome a child into their homes and be a part of their family. Children have been amazing blessings and the joy they bring into a family is like no other. With adoption fund raising, adoptive parents who want to share their homes and their lives with these children would be achievable.

Some couples have gone out to as much as turning to garage-sale fund raisers, to spaghetti dinners, selling items on eBay, and even organizing concerts or comedy shows for an adoption fund raising. About two-hundred adoptive parents all throughout the nation have used Scottsdale-based Child Adoption Funds to help in bring legality to their fund raising efforts. The Child Adoption Funds organization deals with adoptions only from developing, Third World countries, and assists parents in setting up personal foundations or 501 (c) (3) accounts to bank the amount they have raised.

There are also adoption organizations and foundations that focus on adoption financial assistance to families who wish to adopt.

Bright Futures Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) foundation that ventures to help internationally abandoned or orphaned children to find families. They fund raise nationally to lessen the fees necessary to adopt. They also coordinate projects that better the quality of life for those children who remain institutionalize, as well as offering small grants.

Chance for a Child is a non-profit organization created to provide financial aid to adopting families or children waiting to be adopted, both domestically and internationally. Their mission is to award necessary funding to allow a lot of waiting children the chance to be with their ‘forever’ families.

The high cost of adoption can stop children from having the caring families they deserve, adoption fund raising is a way to battle this hindrance and have made “possibilities” into “realities” for a lot of adoptive parents.