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Fund raising is all about soliciting and gathering money by requesting donations from businesses, individuals, or governmental agencies with the main aim of putting up an amount for the group’s cause. It may be a simple cause such as raising funds for Boy Scout tents or a bigger cause like helping natural calamity victims. Whatever the cause, every fund raising event needs an excellent fund raising idea, simply asking money wont’ work these days.

Fund raising ideas are sometimes a big challenge for fund raising groups, sometimes fund raising ideas become very expensive and less profitable for the cause, others are much too common that nobody is interested to support it, and a few tend to overdo it. Let’s face it, some of the best fund raising ideas can most often be unaffordable and ideas that are affordable are most of the time not that great or involve lots of complicated process.

But did you know that some of the most successful fund raising ideas in this high-tech world of ours are done online? Here are five online fund raising ideas that are top of the list when it comes to the word “success”:

Online Magazine Fundraiser has become a number one top fundraiser idea, simply because it’s both a “no brainier” and easily set up. Groups will even get their own braded free site and all they have to do is fill out the organization’s information and send out emails to the group’s supporters. Everybody buys a magazine that is why this fundraiser works. Online Magazine Fundraising Program will give the group the freedom to run and manage a fundraising campaign completely online with totally no fees. More profits with less effort. With the group’s integrated magazine store, families and friends from coast to coast can support the group by ordering or renewing magazine subscriptions with savings of up to eighty-five percent off from newsstand prices. The program is definitely profitable with $0.40 of every subscription dollar going to the group.

Inkjet Fundraiser is a fund raising idea with huge profit potential because there are to ways to fundraise with inkjets, one is to sell them and the other is to recycle the cartridges. What is so great about these Inkjet cartridges is that it’s a thing most people use all the time.

Insurance is a good fund raising idea if the group has the ability to sell great insurance to its members, this can be very profitable as well. A great insurance company, PLH Insurance, donates 1% of the premium of the insurer to the nonprofit of their choice. There prime insure is California so writing them of what they can offer would be best for those on a different state.

Direct Donations is a fund raising idea that can be set up instantly on the group’s site and build an extra incentive for the group’s supporters to donate, this works very well. Traditional Fundraising such as chocolates, scratch cards, gift brochures, and magazines are good fund raising ideas if the group does not have a site. Groups can learn more about these cool conventional fund raising ideas on

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