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Fund raising is not only a source of financial aid to generate funds for certain projects, but also a time when people work together towards one goal, from which can also mean an effective way to socialize, as well as have fun while doing it. One of the activities in school that successfully being supported by both students and teachers, fund raising is absolutely one way to keep an organization, club, or group in schools to survive itself even with only less or without the support of the school.

However, fund raising is not only for school. In fact, there are many groups that engage on fund raising activities for a greater cause, namely charity fund raising. When it comes to planning of holding an event to raise money, you have to always remember that to be able to get the amount you need, better yet more than you need, your fund raising items should sellable and usable. That is if you choose to sell, though.

Although, you have plenty of ideas for fund raising items, you can’t just pick and select anything you wanted. Again, it takes careful planning if you want to reach your goal. Selecting what fund raising items to include on your fund raising activity depends on how much is the amount you aim for. For example, if you need only a few hundreds, probably to purchase new equipment for your club, fund raising items such as coffee mugs, custom printed pens and pencils, caps, and many more that are very affordable are perfect to raise the amount you need.

But, if you need a bigger amount such as for your church’s plans to its congregation, books, coffee, magazines, CDs and more are ideal fund raising items you can utilize to obtain the funding you are looking for. But then again, all the fund raising items have to depend on the kind of fund raising events you are conducting. However, you can combine different fund raising items to create a wide variety of products to sell. This idea will allow buyers to have many selections and may end up buying more than they’ve planned to, especially if the products you sell are useful.

Here are additional fund raising items that you can combine with other products you may have chosen already:

Candies and chocolates

Gift wrap


Embroidered shirts

Buttons and badges


Key chains or tags

Stress balls

Different sports balls

Always remember that fund raising, whatever your causes can be, if you have the will and determination to carry out the whole plan, add it up with several helping hands and great fund raising items, everything will go smoothly resulting to a huge success.

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