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Among the many fund raising organizations in the United States, the BBB Wise Giving Alliance was conceived in order to help contributors make a sound decision as they provide background information about the group. This is also to ensure safety that the resources placed will reach its proper destination since there are lots of monkey business tricks nowadays. Its standards encourage balanced and authentic solicitation method that endorses good conduct and heighten the maintenance of philanthropy.

There are a lot of fund raising organizations that does not separate their standards with the National Charities Information Bureau and the Council of Better Business Bureaus Foundation. However, not for BBB Wise Giving Alliance where they have developed their own with professional help as well with the technical aspect, from a lot of institutions. They also commissioned their own autonomous research on what the donors will be expecting to guarantee security when they invest a certain amount in order for it to be beneficial.

As compared to other fund raising organizations, BBB Wise Giving Alliance has been generously backed up by Sony Corporation of America, Surdna Foundation and Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. They have been helping underwrite the latest updates so they can also forward it to their future clients who will be inspired to assist such and such. In order to recognize that they have been complying with certain regulations, the fundamentals have been looked into such as how they govern the group, manner of spending their account, genuine presentations of charts and willingness to reveal to the public.

Such aforementioned will already comply from being tax exempted under the section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code. This is also true to other fund raising organizations who have been receiving pecuniary support every now and then. In short, there should be transparency of documents although, some are not applied to private foundations as they do not ask from the common people.

BBB Wise Giving Alliance sees to it that the data they give is confidential. Meaning, it is only between them and the person who asks for it. It is not permitted to be shared by another as this can endanger the group. However, it can never be avoided that it will go from one mouth to another so they have prepared a written agreement indicating the ethical observations that need to be carefully considered. As voluntary principles, it also goes beyond the requirements of the laws in local, state and federal.

At the same time, they also encourage the adopt management routines such as initiating a policy that will propagate pluralism and diversity among the whole union, be it with the board, staff and constituents. There should also be an establishment of guidelines that will include a mission statement gearing towards the fulfillment of its vision.

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