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So you are in a baseball league that will be competing with the next town’s squad of players? You have been practicing almost everyday, sweating it out too much in order to be in perfect shape for the upcoming major event. However, you do not have enough money to produce uniforms for each. You know it to well that without the proper attire, it can be a chance for that game to be forfeited. “Hey, I have to do something about it,” you tell yourself. “I just cannot let this slip by. What if we have stage a sports fund raising program,” simply brilliant you thought.

All Star Fundraisers is a sports fund raising company that has been formed in 2002. It is dedicated to offer organizations with creative and effective ideas that can really generate money. Its management team is a mixture of those that are really involved in athletics as well as in the field of business marketing. They are the likes of co- founders, Chris Grimes and Jack Norton. Both individuals labored hard on where the corporation is at the moment. They are credited for the success it has gained as more and more have been patronizing their services.

Jack Norton has been an experienced coach for over 30 years now. He has been arranging hockey projects in Acton Boxboro, Cushing Academy and New England. He has passed on a legacy to his sons who are present NHL professionals, Jeff and Brad. Aside from being busy with the sports fund raising company, he also supervises his own Norton Insurance Agency that has been serving customers in Middlesex County in Massachusetts since 1966.

Chris Grimes, in the otherhand, has been with the consumer industry for 15 years now prior his partnership with the latter individual for the sports fund raising company. He has been the Director of Strategic Planning at First Notice Systems Incorporated based in Boston, Massachusetts. He then implemented numerous domestic service events that can leverage other call centers as well as custom designed intetnet applications. Previously, he launched which is a commercial website that grants long distance telephone communication together with various prepaid cards.

All Star Fundraisers can offer a strategy that will pay your group commissions each month. It as easy as enrolling a minimum of two members in order to meet with the campaign objectives. With only 200 associates, the yearly profit can reach up to $25, 000. In order to attain such amount, there is no requirement to but any products as it will not start to burden your pockets. They have what they call the Penny Plan where they have collaborated with World xChange Corporation. A leading provider of superior national as well as all over the world, long distance assistance that will create an opportunity for contributors to hail from different regions of the globe.

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