Adoption Fund Raising

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Adoption fund raising is becoming more and more popular throughout the United States. Many couples choose adoption as their path to parenthood but the expenses can sometimes be very scary, as the cost of adoption can vary drastically from international adoptions and domestic private adoptions which can cost as much as $30, 000.

In nearly all domestic adoptions, most of the money goes to agencies that search for the birth mothers of the child, and lawyers who handle all the paperwork. International adoption fees go to the country of where the family is adopting from, the organization caring for the child and the US agency assisting the adoption. Country fees differ widely such as $1,500 in Hong Kong, $19,000 in Guatemala, and $10,000 in South Korea. This is mainly the reason why ‘want-to-be’ parents turn to adoption fund raising.

Adoption fund raising allows the realization of a dream for couples wanting to adopt. It gives them the way to welcome a child into their homes and be a part of their family. Children have been amazing blessings and the joy they bring into a family is like no other. With adoption fund raising, adoptive parents who want to share their homes and their lives with these children would be achievable.

Some couples have gone out to as much as turning to garage-sale fund raisers, to spaghetti dinners, selling items on eBay, and even organizing concerts or comedy shows for an adoption fund raising. About two-hundred adoptive parents all throughout the nation have used Scottsdale-based Child Adoption Funds to help in bring legality to their fund raising efforts. The Child Adoption Funds organization deals with adoptions only from developing, Third World countries, and assists parents in setting up personal foundations or 501 (c) (3) accounts to bank the amount they have raised.

There are also adoption organizations and foundations that focus on adoption financial assistance to families who wish to adopt.

Bright Futures Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) foundation that ventures to help internationally abandoned or orphaned children to find families. They fund raise nationally to lessen the fees necessary to adopt. They also coordinate projects that better the quality of life for those children who remain institutionalize, as well as offering small grants.

Chance for a Child is a non-profit organization created to provide financial aid to adopting families or children waiting to be adopted, both domestically and internationally. Their mission is to award necessary funding to allow a lot of waiting children the chance to be with their ‘forever’ families.

The high cost of adoption can stop children from having the caring families they deserve, adoption fund raising is a way to battle this hindrance and have made “possibilities” into “realities” for a lot of adoptive parents.