Cancer Fund Raising Organization

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A lot of cancer fund raising organization operates locally and nationally in the US. They are however, not affiliated with the Federal Government’s agency for cancer research which is the National Cancer Institute (NCI). As a Federal agency of the government, the National Cancer Institute gets most of its operating funds through congressional appropriations.

The National Cancer Institute can also accept donations for cancer research but they do not solicit funds or conduct campaigns to raise funds or they are not a cancer fund raising organization. Although a number of private cancer organizations refer to the National Cancer Institute and sometimes include the toll free number of the National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Information Service in their fun raising writing, NCI still does not participate or endorse any of their cancer fund raising organization activities.

The National Cancer Institute is a research agency and not a regulatory agency so the institute is not in a position to comment or monitor on the fund raising programs or practices of other cancer fund raising organizations. In addition, they do not suggest or endorse specific organizations to which people may contribute. It does however, publish a fact sheet which lists many organizations that provide cancer-related services and support cancer research, the fact sheet is called National Organizations That Offer Services to People with Cancer and Their Families. The fact sheet is not implying an endorsement from NCI and it is not a comprehensive list of such organizations.

The following questions may be able to help evaluate the operations of a fund raising organization and help with an informed decision about donating to the organization: is the fund raising organization willing to show the public its complete annual report and budget including an audit by an independent CPA?; is the fund raising and administrative costs of the organization reasonable?; does the fund raising organization make use of economical and ethical fund raising techniques?; is the organization’s management made public?; and is the information distributed by the organization deceptive, misleading, or inaccurate?.

The BBB Wise Giving Alliance which is an associate of Better Business Bureaus can be contacted for free information on the practices of selected charitable groups. The BBB uses particular standards for charitable solicitation to review the fund raising activities of private nonprofit organizations. These particular standards deal with the financial accountability, public disclosure, fund raising activities and materials, and the governing body of the fund raising organization.

Other offices where one can obtain information about fund raising organizations are the Office of the Attorney General of the state one is in, and The Federal Trade Commission that offers a publication which has information about making donations to organizations and who to contact if you have complaints or questions, Charitable Donation$: Give or Take is the name of the publication.