Fund Raising Consultants

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For organizations or groups planning a really big fund raising event that would involve a lot of possible risks and complications, often turn to fund raising consultants to ask for professional assistance and knowledgeable suggestions. These fund raising consultants make the job easier and risk-free for fund raising organizations and groups by making feasibility studies, investigating, and researching the potential pros and cons of the planned fund raising. These fund raising consultants may add to the organizations costs but they bring greater possibilities of success.

The Sinclair, Townes & Company fund raising consultants for non-profit institutions and organizations provides comprehensive fund raising consulting services such as planned giving consulting, campaign consulting, and development program assessments.

The firm also offers fund raising products and publications such as planned giving newsletters, year-end publications, planned giving brochures, and fund raising deskbooks for the advantage of prospective donors, donors, and fund raising professionals. They provide complete fund raising consultation services for Churches and Faith-Based Organizations, Arts and Cultural Organizations, Colleges and Universities, Hospitals and Medical Centers, Independent Schools, Human Service Organizations, Membership Organizations, and other nonprofit organizations and institutions on local, national, and international basis.

Sinclair, Townes & Company fund raising consultants also make fund raising easier and more successful for staff members, donors, Board members and other volunteers with service that include Internal Readiness Assessments, Development Audits, Multi-media Case Development, Prospect Research, Capital Campaign Counsel, Planned Giving Consulting, Planned Giving Program Audits, Capital Campaign Feasibility Studies, Annual Giving Consulting, Board Development, Development Audits, Executive Search, and Board Retreats.

This fund raising consultants firm is in Atlanta and was founded in 1980. They have had increased clients from charitable institutions and organizations over the years with twenty-five years of fund raising consulting experience. Whether it’s a regional or local campaign, southern giving, or national fund raising campaign, the firm helps organizations raise more money, as well as providing fund raising counsel endowment campaigns, capital campaigns, annual funds, planned giving campaigns, and more.

The firm also provides seminars, conferences, and workshops for professional fund raisers as well as nonprofit board members and other volunteers. Some of the firm’s clients include American Cancer Society, American Heart association, Arthritis Foundation, Arnold Palmer Medical Center, University of Mississippi, Texas A&M University, Georgia Institute of Technology, American Industrial Hygiene Foundation, Boys & Girls Club of America, The Carter Center, Children’s Aid Society, The First Academy, Montgomery Academy, Camp Clark Williamson, Eagle Ranch, and many more from different nonprofit organizations and institutions.

Fund raising consultants are a more professional approach for fund raising plans, especially organizations who can’t afford to risk unsuccessful fund raisings, getting the services of fund raising consultants can be the most practical and smart thing to do.

Fund Raising Consultancy

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A full- service fund raising consultancy firm, Custom Development Solutions specializes in the deliberate planning and tactical implementation of capital promotions for both macro and micro institutions. They cater to all residents in the United States as well as in Canada where their website is a resource for all professionals that are interested in hiring a person who will give advice when it comes to generating money for launching activities for a cause. Over the years, their dedication has made them among the fastest growing companies in Northern America.

This fund raising consultancy firm assists in identifying the most excellent suggestions. It is done through meticulous research and analysis that will enable a strategy that will cultivate effective solicitation. They themselves will set- up an organized system where all the pledges received will be stored. Also, they will create a program where your organization can be uniquely determined among the rest so that it may establish stronger ties with its potential contributors.

In joined forces with the ePhilantrophy Foundation and Charity Channel, this fund raising consultancy firm presents on an online training course for non- profit volunteers, staff and managers. They have a lot in stored for those who are interested to enroll such as Fund Raisin on the Internet (How to Succeed), Get your Board to Raise Money, Creating a Development Plan, Relationship Fund Raising, Capital Campaign Series, Volunteer Recruitment that Actually Works, Medium and Message (Maximizing Online Marketing), Prospecting Strategies for Research Online and Harnessing the Net (Realizing your Organization’s Online Portal), among the others.

Over the years of being in the business, this fund raising consultancy firm has that confidence for triumphant endeavors. It lowers the net cost while pooling in more cash as well as being able to secure for more donors with just few advantages. They assure that when you start with shaky operations to victorious unions, poor delivery to exceptional service, unconcerned board to resolved directors, uninformed constituency to well-informed electorate, meager constituents to engaged members and impersonal approach to individualistic attitude, where the bottom line is smaller gifts to bigger rewards.

Custom Development Solutions sees the advantage of getting a person for your team that will give wise recommendations because there will be unbiased assessment to the probability of acquiring an amount for upcoming events. If it will just be the same old boring idea, they will take it to the next level as they think out of the box initiatives. Yes, it is challenging but still it is realistic. He or she is up to the progress as it is monitored every now and then. There are adjustments done almost everyday, that if necessary. Most of all, they are committed to keep it utmost confidentiality because they firmly believe that it is an element for them to be apart from the rest.