Face Tattoos Fund Raising

August 23, 2014 by  
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Fund raising activities are often the solution of certain groups or organizations whether small or big, to raise funds for their causes. Fund raising is not an easy task, let alone simple. It needs great planning and excellent fund raising ideas to have people supporting their mission and for them achieving their goals.

Common types of fund raising events are selling food items, candy bars, tickets, baked goodies, and many more. These fund raising activities needs a lot of effort from members of the group or organization, but they can be fun and enjoyable as well. One type of fund raising which are fun and commonly done by small groups or school organizations for much simpler causes is face tattoos fund raising.

Face tattoos fund raising is a rather enjoyable type of fund raising activity and cost much less, however the help of talented artists in the group or organization is needed. Many face tattoos fund raising events may take only a couple of hours long, so fund raiser organizers need to raise the maximum amount possible in that amount of time while giving good value and guaranteeing everybody a great time.

For those groups looking at having face tattoos fund raising, here are five top tips for face painting in a fund raising event:

Always be in control. A face tattoo fund raising event can be hectic but always stay in control when serving one of your “customers”, especially kids. Try to relax them and don’t let them be disturbed, they are not use to having the make up on but they would love the attention, even the biggest fiddle can keep still for this.

Have books or posters ready for kids to choose, adults would not be that much of a problem but kids may tend to be a little impatient so having them indulged in something rather than what you’re doing will greatly help.

Never do it alone, having someone help with sorting out fresh water, managing the money and doing some other tasks relevant is needed as the face painting artist will be very busy.

Get the price right, depending on the face tattoo fund raising events goal or missions, but don’t let the skills be too cheap or endless queue without making money will be the result. Establishing an estimate of how many face tattoos can be done in an hour will be a good starting point to price.

The best advertisement during the face tattoos fund raising event is the face tattoo itself. Painting a great face tattoo to one of the members or one of the guests at the beginning of the event will encourage others to try it as well, and before you know it your face tattoos fund raising event is very successful.

Face tattoos fund raising is a unique, fun, and profitable fund raising idea which should be considered on your next fund raising activity.