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Known as the manner of soliciting an amount of cash needed to generate for a certain activity, fund raising are requests of donations that will come from business agencies, private individuals, charitable foundations and government agencies. It may be at times that it is referred to as the accumulation of pecuniary support for non- profit organizations. Actually, not at all, since it is also for a source of capital for those enterprises that are earning. This then, is the primary way yet formal approach in asking for money.

Fund raising can involve various concerns, be it academic institutions who will be creating a website so it will be easy for them to get in touch with their graduates or religious communities who will be building an edifice as their headquarters where they can hold regular meetings. Special events are another case such as staging luncheons to walkathons. It is where a lot of people are involved to also establish awareness that such and such exists. It is not only for the purpose to acquire a sum but to also bring together those that are not immediately involved in the hope that they will also be with the cause in time.

However, it can never be avoided that fund raising has been utilized for hidden agenda. They have tainted the reputation of what the real sense means. Due to the monkey business tricks that have been reported every now and then, there are a lot who desire to help out but are already thinking twice. It is because they doubt the credibility and integrity it has. They are not sure of where they have invested will go and it may end up just right inside the pockets of those who are not having it as a necessity. Sad situation but a lot has already fallen prey to it.

Because of such instances, the likes of BBB Wise Giving Alliance have been formed. It is a fun raising company that will help contributors make a sound decision as they provide background information about the group. This is also to ensure safety that the resources placed will reach its proper destination since there are lots of monkey business tricks nowadays. Its standards encourage balanced and authentic solicitation method that endorses good conduct and heighten the maintenance of philanthropy.

There are a lot of fund raising organizations that does not separate their standards with the National Charities Information Bureau and the Council of Better Business Bureaus Foundation. However, not for BBB Wise Giving Alliance where they have developed their own with professional help as well with the technical aspect, from a lot of institutions. They also commissioned their own autonomous research on what the donors will be expecting to guarantee security when they invest a certain amount in order for it to be beneficial.


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